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From The Director's Desk

Central Institute of Horticulture, Medziphema, Nagaland has been established in the year 2005-06 by Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, New Delhi with a broad vision & mission for development of Horticulture Sector in North East Region. In such an era, the Institute has been putting its efforts and footprints in the exponential development of horticulture sector through its variety of programmes. The Institute has played a vital role in the effective dissemination of technology through technology demonstrations, imparting training to the farmers and officials of NER, production of quality planting material, protected cultivation of flowers & vegetables, organic farming, Post harvest management, and skill development programmes etc.

Availability of Quality Planting material being a core issue in NER for increasing productivity, the Institute is in the mission since 2016 to Accredit & bring forth Certified Nurseries whereby true to type disease free quality planting material is being made available to the farmers. So far, the Institute has been able to Accredit 33 nurseries in different states of NE.

Further, India being a country where the youth population is higher, the Institute since 2015, is playing a key role in skilling a vast number of unemployed youths in the field of Horticulture through the three months Certificate Course and Skill Development Programmes. So far, more than 200 unemployed youths have been trained and many of the trainees have been provided employment through the Agriculture/Horticulture departments of NER and self employment in the field of horticulture.

Post Harvest Management being a key factor in enhancing the shelf life of horticulture crops, plays a vital role in the horticulture sector. Due to lack of proper post harvest facilities and accessibility to nearby markets, huge quantity of horticulture produce are wasted especially in the North East Region. In order to mitigate such losses, the Institute has conducted more than 78 trainings on Post Harvest Management and value addition of horticulture crops. Also various value added products like dehydrated pineapple, ginger candy, ginger pickle, brinjal pickle, pineapple jam, strawberry jam, pineapple squash, strawberry wine, moringa powder, tomato sauce etc has been prepared for demonstration purpose.

Through the agri-business promotion programmes of the Institute, a large number of growers & self help groups have been able to promote their produce. Promotion, creation of market linkage & branding of Naga Organic Pineapple in the National level are the remarkable achievements under the sector. Through such efforts, there has been a tremendous achievement in the socio- economic development of the farmers and self help groups.

The Institute has been bringing out a number of publications on various horticulture topics since its inceptions. The Institute has so far published 2 nos. of book, 8 nos. of Technical bulletin, 4nos. of manual, 56 nos. of extension folders as well as translated 112 folders in various local languages of Nagaland, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh & Meghalaya.

The Institute strives to become a premier horticulture Institute of the country by undertaking new roles and responsibility along with its broad objectives, thereby gathering to the vast requirements of developing horticulture sector in North East Region. The Institute requires constant support from the Horticulture Departments of North East Region for implementing various programmes of the Institute for the overall upliftment of horticulture sector in the region and contributes towards the growth of the country through horticulture.