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Initiatives on Post Harvest Management, Processing and Value Addition of Horticultural Crops at CIH, Nagaland

Central Institute of Horticulture, Nagaland was set up in the year 2005-06 with the objective to provide institutional support for development of horticulture in North East Region. One of the objectives of the Institute is deliver suitable technology to the farming community to reduce PH losses, ensure quality and food safety. The Institute has been working tirelessly towards making a positive impact on the Post harvest scenario of NE India.

As a part of the knowledge dissemination on improving post harvest handling and value chain management, the Institute regularly organizes 03 months certificate course on “post harvest management of horticultural crops”. The objective of the certificate course is to empower the rural unemployed youth with knowledge on post harvest management, food processing and value addition of horticulture crops so that they are equipped to start and manage small and medium level enterprises on their own.

During the national lockdown, the Institute has been striving to continue its activities on Post harvest Management and has been assisting/training interested individuals through online portal and online trainings.


Product development at minimal processing unit of the Institute during lockdown

a) Dehydration of onion slices.
b) Processing of turmeric powder.
c) Strawberry RTS.
d) Raw mango Chunda and pickle
e) Aloe vera gel with Vitamin C
f) Alcohol based aloe vera hand sanitizer
g) processing of plum products


Online training of farmers conducted through Microsoft Teams on 22nd & 29th May 2020

Online trainings for Post harvest management and value addition in jackfruit, flower arrangement and plum.

Food processing ventures of the ex trainees of CIH during the Lockdown

Products prepared by Ex-trainees of PHM course during lockdown

The Institute has also taken the initiative to provide hand holding support to the Ex-trainees of PHM course. After undertaking the course, the trainees were encouraged to start small scale processing. With the technical support from the Institute, the trainees have started preparing value added products like pickles, jams, candy, RTS, cold pressed juices and fruit wine etc, which are being sold from home or via home delivery system during the lockdown.

Fruit Tales (a food processing enterprise launched through the initiative of CIH, Nagaland) have sold more than 500 bottles of cold pressed juice during the lockdown period. Another beneficiary, Dwellington Home, has sold about 150 units of pickles, 200 bottles of fruit juices and 100 jars of Plum Jam.